The primary mission of Eclipse Chamber Orchestra is to bring world-class performances of great music to people of every age, ethnic background and economic means. We believe the beauty and richness of live, classical music must be made available to all people, regardless of their station in life. Our 23 virtuoso members of the National Symphony Orchestra present three concerts each season at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia. Smaller groups of Eclipse musicians present four intimate musicales each season in private homes.


We accomplish our mission by:

*   Making great performances accessible and affordable to people of all economic means and cultures by bringing music to the regions where people live

*   Providing free parking

*   Providing handicapped access

*   Promoting inclusion and enjoyment with verbal annotations by the conductor or host which, based on audience response, make even the most unusual classical works understandable and more enjoyable

*   Expanding the audience's listening repertoire with our exceptional "Something old, Something new" programming, combining well-known works with lesser-known repertoire; and

*   Further promoting inclusion by bringing the audience and musicians together for discussion at free post-concert receptions

CDs featuring Eclipse Chamber Orchestra